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The Rocker Who Shatters Me

The Rocker Who Shatters Me

Author: Terri Anne Browning

Category: Romance , New Adult

Status: Full

Series: The Rocker #9

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A Bet… 
Yes, I made a bet with my best friend—my now ex-best friend. It had been a stupid, heat of the moment kind of thing. I’d just wanted to get her out of my system and move one. Instead I’ve lived to regret it ever since. I lost the girl I loved, a girl that possessed my very soul. Now I can’t even get close to Natalie. She thinks all she ever meant to me was just the means to the end of a stupid, stupid game. 
…For a Bet! 
In the span of one night I’d gone from thinking I had a future with the man I loved to SHATTERED at his feet. I can’t get over it. The pain is too strong, too destructive as it festers more and more inside of me. And then my friend came up with the perfect revenge for both our broken hearts. 
“I bet you…” 
Those three little words gave me a reason to ball my pain up and throw it back in Devlin Cutter’s face. I would let him back in, let him think he had a chance with me once again. And then I would walk away, leaving him broken and bleeding at my feet as he once had left me. 
This time he would be the one SHATTERED. 
***Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of 17*** 

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