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Riding the Edge

Riding the Edge

Author: Jaci Burton

Category: Romance

Status: Full

Series: Wild Riders #4

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This is Rick's book and his case was to infiltrate the Hellraisers motorcycle gang at a bike rally in Vegas, and keep a Nevada Senators daughter safe who has joined up with them. Ricks cousin Bo, is a high ranking member of the club so it was easy for him to join in without raising suspicion. Also making his job easy was the fact his assignment, Ava, happened to be the best friend of Bo's girlfriend, so they were paired off right away. The two of them are very likeable characters with instant chemistry and I totally bought into their insta-lust. This didn't have as much action as the other books in the series but I still really enjoyed this. Their lifestyle fascinated me. . This novella read like a full book and had more substance than the usual novella. Highly recommend. 

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